POLL: Should Americans Receive Another Stimulus Check?

Stimulus Stalls, Trump May Act

Thank you for casting your vote. We’ll tally up the results and share them shortly. (FinancialHealth.net) – Millions of Americans are struggling in ...Read More

Holiday 2020 Shopping Scams – Start Planning Now


(FinancialHealth.net) – With Amazon Prime day behind us, all eyes are now on the start of the holiday shopping season. Even though online shopping ...Read More

Creative Ideas for Staying Hydrated

(FinancialHealth.net) – The body’s organs need fluids to do their jobs, but dehydration is a risk for older adults because the water content in the ...Read More

What Can You Learn From a Home Energy Audit?

Homeless: Could the Number Spike Soon?

Utility bills consume a great deal of the average household budget. Some people pay their bills diligently every month without wondering about rate ...Read More

Hurry! Amazon Prime Day Is Ending!

Will COVID-19 Suffocate Amazon?

(FinancialHealth.net) – Have an Amazon Prime account? If so, today’s the last day to take advantage of this year’s “Prime Day” savings event. Confu ...Read More

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How To Get FREE Chicken Nuggets (Wed, 9/16/20 Only)

(FinancialHealth.net) – Look. We get it. Fast food isn’t the best thing for you. But if you’re a fan of McDonald’s chicken nuggets or are looking f ...Read More

URGENT: Still Waiting On A Stimulus Check?

Believe it or not, the IRS is reporting they have yet to mail round-one stimulus checks to a staggering 9 million people. Why? That’s how many peop ...Read More

New Walmart+ Service to Rival Amazon

New Walmart+ Service to Rival Amazon

(FinancialHealth.net) – Move over, Jeff Bezos! There’s a new delivery service on the block. Walmart+ officially debuted on August 31, and it has Am ...Read More

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