Understanding Different Types of Home Security Systems

1 out of 36 homes will be burglarized this year. Sounds absurd? Well, data from the FBI backs it up. It is important as a homeowner to protect yourself if the worst  were to happen. There are ways that you can prepare your household. This involves getting a home security system. There have been studies […]

Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

A lot of homeowners may not realize that their home could benefit from a home improvement. In fact, there are home improvements that could be tax-deductible. However these projects aren’t always a simple and easy change to your home. They can take a lot of time, energy, and money to get done. That is why […]

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Your home is going to be one of the most important financial decisions that you make.  That means you have the responsibility of taking care of your home to keep it in good standing. Homes either have home repairs or home improvements when it comes to your roofing needs. Understanding Home Repairs According to the […]

Pros and Cons of Wireless vs Wired Security Systems

Times are changing. Just as technology is advancing, so are the tactics of those that wish to steal or damage property. That is why many homeowners may be able to benefit from a home security system to better protect their belongings and their families. There are two main types of security systems. Wired and wireless […]

Tips for Preparing to Buy a Home

Roughly 91% of Americans have the goal to own a home at least once in their lifetime. However, buying a home can be a daunting task. Especially if your financial situation isn’t where you’d like it to be. Luckily, there are some tips that you can keep in mind that may be able to help. […]

Understanding Non-Qualified Mortgages

You may have come across the term “subprime mortgage.” Do you understand what that means? How does it relate to you as a homebuyer? This information can be an important component in your housing journey because it can give you an idea of the type of mortgage you want. It is important to note that […]

How to Know If the Housing Market is Improving

The housing market is super important to look at for multiple reasons. Buying a home, refinancing a home, and general housing market related issues take into account how the housing market looks. It is very important to have a clear understanding of what’s going on so you can make an educated decision. There are some […]

Struggling to Buy a Home?

Trying to purchase a home while struggling with your financial situation is difficult. Many Americans aspire to own a home at some point in their lives. In fact, 84% of Americans have said that homeownership is a priority to them. Luckily, there are ways that you can still achieve the dream of buying a home […]

Is Your Mortgage Too Expensive?

Becoming a homeowner can be challenging. While everyone wants to have homeowner bliss once they move in, that may not always be the case. When you buy a house, you typically feel pretty secure with your flow of income. However, some unexpected events can occur and mess up your plans. A reduced income amount may […]

Renters Are Safe from Eviction Until The End of July 2021

Introduction In a swift move to execute on his latest plans to fight the pandemic, President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to extend eviction protections until March 31 on his very first day as president. (As a show of good faith from our Commander-in-Chief) In September 2020, The Center of Disease Control Centers […]

After HARP Expired, What’s Next For You

Introduction If you were one of the people who depended on the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), then you must be pretty bummed that it expired in 2018. HARP was a federal government program that helped individuals and families who had limited equity and income. If you find yourself with limited equity and income, then […]

How to Prepare Your House for Sale (Great Tips for it to Sell Fast!)

The housing market can get pretty crazy, especially when demand is high and supply is low. Entering the market can feel intimidating and getting your house ready for sale can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be! Making sure that your house is prepared for sale is key to getting an […]

Consumer Credit Laws You Should Know

There are countless laws that you are not aware of. It is important to be aware of the law. However, you should aim to specifically know laws that personally affect you. That is why you should familiarize yourself with the bare minimum of consumer credit laws. You are able to be better prepared if situations […]

Using a Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Living paycheck to paycheck is more than unpleasant. It can be a straining battle on your emotions and stress levels. Expenses can add up quickly. Credit card debt, medical bills, loan repayments, etc., can all take a toll on your finances if not managed properly. If you start missing payments, you may start hearing from […]

Different Savings Accounts for Your Money

When people think of savings, they usually don’t realize all of the account possibilities that are available. There are actually numerous different account options that people can choose to store their savings in. It can have a serious impact on how you manage your finances! A Typical Savings Account One of the most common ways […]

Understanding Credit Union Credit Cards

When looking for a credit card, you need to review all available card options. That means even considering  a credit union credit card opposed to a major card issuer. However, before deciding on your lender, you should understand the difference. What is the Difference Between a Credit Union Credit Card and a Major Issuer Credit […]

This Account Could Increase Your Savings for Buying a Home

Did you know that you could potentially triple your savings for a down payment on a home loan, starting a business, or even going back to school? If you’re willing to do some legwork and learn even more about managing your finances, it’s time to look into an Individual Development Account (IDA). An IDA account […]

Dealing with Unemployment: Adapting and Getting the Benefits

The country has gone through one of the toughest periods in its history. Not only has the current public health crisis cost lives, but it has also taken a terrible economic toll. It’s a deadly combination of losing lives and livelihoods. But whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That’s the attitude that many people […]

Your Banking Survival Guide: Top Banking Tips and Dealing with Errors

If people tell you banks never make mistakes, they’re terribly mistaken! Whether it’s a human being or a computer, there will always be a glitch somewhere. This isn’t to scare you from using banks! But your caution in some cases can be your best self-defense. It never hurts to be on the safe side! Errors […]

Understanding Biden’s American Rescue Plan

Joe Biden began his presidency with a revived plan to handle the economic impact of COVID-19. On March 11th, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 into law. The President had many ambitious goals with his plan. He wanted to: Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Repeal “right to […]

Bank Errors May Affect You More Than You Realize

Dealing with Bank Mistakes  The people at banks are human beings. They make mistakes, just like everyone else. And if you think computers at banks are unquestionably reliable, you have another thing coming. So yes, there are mistakes at banks and sometimes they can be very serious ones. This is why you, as the user, […]

The Payment Protection Plan (PPP) is Over, What’s Next?

The Payment Protection Program is Over! What’s Next? With its track record of faithfully serving Americans, the Payment Protection Program (PPP) has closed its doors. It officially ended on June 1st as the program itself ran dry of funding. At the end of May, the Small Business Association (SBA) closed its online portal due to […]

What’s Going on with the Payment Protection Program (PPP)

Payment Protection Program (PPP) Has Come To An End The Payment Protection Program (PPP) officially ended on June 1st. It was a program that faithfully served many Americans throughout the pandemic. This happened as the program ran out of money. The Small Business Administration (SBA) decided to stop accepting applications to the program. This marks […]

Can’t Afford Your Taxes? Here’s What You Need To Do

You should know a good bargain when you see one! Have you ever been in a situation where the tax bills keep building, building, and building until it turns into the mother of all debts? If you’ve been there, you’re not alone. Many Americans are behind on debts, and tax bills top them all! For […]

What To Do with Stores Going Cashless

(FinancialHealth)- Everybody’s going cashless! Can a store refuse cash? The answer is yes. Is it legal for stores to refuse cash? In the world that we’re about to live in, the answer is still yes. With the rise of digital currency, your credit card or debit card is now your main key to buying the […]

Basics of Buying Old Houses

(FinancialHealth)- You’ll find all types of old houses in America, from old Colonials to stylish Tudors! It’s great living in a rich piece of history and you’re not alone if you have the same passion. Many houses that are currently occupied by American homeowners have an average age of 37 years. Take a small trip […]

Basics of Perfecting Your Budgeting Skills

(FinancialHealth)- Many people think that you need a doctorate in finance to master budgeting. But you’ve always been doing some form of budgeting without even realizing it! Remember when your parents gave you a couple of dollars to buy some ice cream? As soon as you walked into that store, you knew that your money […]

Protect Yourself from Scams on the Internet

(FinancialHealth)- If you think you live in a tough neighborhood, you clearly haven’t lived on the internet. Cybercrime has made our digital environment more hostile than ever before. No matter how sophisticated security solutions get, they always find a way around them. Hence, your #1 concern as a user should always be internet scams. It’s […]

Buy THIS to Feel Super Rich (Even If You’re Not)

(FinancialHealth)- Winning the lottery might seem like an answer to all your money woes, but for lack of a lottery win or golden goose, there are ways you can spend your money that help you feel rich … even if you’re not. No, I’m not suggesting you buy that snazzy convertible or splurge on the shoes that […]

This Site Pays You to Lose Weight (For Real!!)

(FinancialHealth)- Make Money Betting on Yourself With HealthyWage! Some of us need a little more motivation than others when it comes to making the right choices. Weight loss isn’t just about eating healthy and moving more. Reaching these goals takes a significant amount of mental determination and dedication as well. Money can be a powerful […]

Improve Your Finances in Just an Hour

Improve Your Finances in Just an Hour
(FinancialHealth.net) – Many people believe it can take hours on end of combing through their financial records before they have their finances in order. When done right, you can improve your finances much faster. Give yourself just one hour and see how well your financial view improves. Michael Douglass, an analyst with The Motley Fool, […]

Highly Rated Campgrounds for Families and What to Look For

Highly Rated Campgrounds for Families and What to Look For
(FinancialHealth)- Get Away and Enjoy the Great Outdoors Planning a family getaway is all about finding that perfect locale. When choosing a campground to stay at, there can be a diverse selection of properties that range from rustic and overcrowded to well-kept with extra-large campsites. The highest-rated campgrounds are carefully reviewed by various guests and […]

Beat the Summer Heat at Home With These Inexpensive Tips

Beat the Summer Heat at Home
(FinancialHealth)- With summer right around the corner, most homeowners are preparing to turn on their HVAC to beat the rising temperatures. Electric bills can be pricey and the average homeowner spends $2,060 each year on their utilities! Keep Your Cool Without Breaking the Bank The good news is, there are simple and inexpensive actions like replacing […]

Alzheimer’s and Money Matters: When to Step In

Monitoring Finances Is One Way to Care
(FinancialHealth)- Caring for Loved Ones Takes Many Forms Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that affects memory and greatly impacts the quality of life. For those with a parent or grandparent who has the disease, it can affect what they do and the decisions they make, especially with money. Alzheimer’s patients may not notice subtle bouts […]

Save Money This Summer With THESE Free Deals

(FinancialHealth)- Who doesn’t love the word FREE? Summertime can be expensive. It’s not just the cost of vacations and camps either. With a spike in the housing market and rising gas prices, you may be looking to free up a little room in your budget. Here are a few ways you can save money this […]

What You Need to Know About Gas Prices This Summer

(FinancialHealth)- You may have noticed that gas prices have been on the rise. With the average nearing $3/gallon, you may be wondering what this will mean for summertime when gas prices usually see a spike. Could the gas prices go even higher? A Return to Normal After a year of low gas prices with COVID, […]

The Housing Market: Going Strong or Headed for a Crash?

(FinancialHealth)- No sooner than a real estate agent sits a For Sale sign in a yard, they’re picking it right back up again–at least, that’s how it feels. Houses are selling fast–leaving consumers wondering how long this can continue. Realtor.com has reported a 17.2% increase in prices of homes with the average home costing $375,000. Let’s […]

Housing Options That You Might Not Have Explored

(FinancialHealth)- Housing has become less affordable than ever before! With the increasing demand for affordable housing solutions, the government and other organizations have worked hard to provide as much support as they can to help those in need. Many people are not aware that housing costs don’t just include rent. It covers every expense that […]

What You Need to Know About the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP)

(FinancialHealth)- With a world health crisis causing havoc on a global scale, those struggling with finances are feeling the economic fallout. Current economic conditions have made people concerned about even bigger debts. Plus, it has become increasingly difficult to make a living! Many Americans face the challenge of adapting to unaffordable housing costs. So, Americans […]

What Everyone Should Know About the Latest Phone Scam

(FinancialHealth)- Phone scams might be a dime a dozen, but you’re likely screening out all those car warranty calls and ignoring unknown numbers. But the latest phone scam is so clever that you may not realize you’ve been scammed until it’s too late. The latest phone scam relies on a delayed disconnect that you might […]

Government Benefits Available for Single Mothers

(FinancialHealth)- If you’re a single mother, you may be missing out on some great government benefits that you didn’t know about before. There are many different assistance programs out there! All of them seek to assist single mothers. The aid can provide support for rent, utility bills, basic living expenses, and child care. Though the […]

Side Gigs for People with Teaching Skills

Side Gigs for People with Teaching Skills
(FinancialHealth)- Are you a teacher? Do you have the college credits, certification or experience necessary to teach in your area of expertise? There is a lot of demand for educated pros who can help others learn and grow. Teach English – Are you a native English speaker? There are quite a few sites you can […]

Ways to Make Date Night Fun and Affordable

How to Get a Partner to Stick to a Budget
(FinancialHealth)- Smart Quiz: Ways to Make Date Night Fun and Affordable Split The Bill Creative Date Plans No Alcoholic Drinks Share Food Plates Answer: Creative Date Plans Trying to fit date night in the budget or just looking to go out for the night without going broke? The point of a date is to enjoy […]

Does a Debt-Free Retirement Appeal to You?

Best Thing About Retiring in a College Town
(FinancialHealth)- Lots of people have thoughts of the ideal retirement in the back of their minds. Being able to save enough to live comfortably can be important for a peaceful and prosperous future. Whether you have several years until retirement or you’re already there, if you haven’t already, today is the best day to start […]

Real Estate Tips: 4 Secrets for Increasing Your Property’s Market Value

(FinancialHealth)- With the economic wheeling beginning to turn, you don’t want to miss out on all the extra activity in the property market. This could be your big chance to make a killing on a property that you own. But you’re not going to be able to do that if your house looks like it […]

Four Home Improvement Projects You Won’t Want To Do

(FinancialHealth)- All of us take passion in making our homes look impressive. Our homes are an extension of us in a sense. They represent who we are as a people, what we stand for, and what type of personality we have. Yet, when it comes to increasing the resale value of your home, you’re going […]

Pssst … 3 Ways To Use Free Trials for Summer Savings

(FinancialHealth)- Summer is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to start planning how you’ll spend it. Even if a vacation isn’t in your plans, there are so many ways to be entertained and enjoy the summer without spending all your cash doing it. One of the easiest ways to save is to […]

6 AMAZING Non-Book Ways to Save Money at the Library

(FinancialHealth)- You may already know that the most common way to save money at the library is to borrow books–or even buy used books from the libraries at a vastly discounted rate. With the average trade paperback costing anywhere from $15-20, this could amount to substantial savings for readers. But saving money on book costs isn’t […]

#1 Cause of Bankruptcy in the US

What is the Leading Cause of Bankruptcy in the US?
(FinancialHealth.net) – Bankruptcy filings are usually thought to be caused by irresponsible spending habits and poor life choices. In many cases they are, but in reality, the main reason people file for bankruptcy in the United States is medical debt. Sadly, impossible-to-pay medical debt isn’t just an issue for the uninsured. Even those with Medicare, […]

Are You in Your 20s? Don’t Ruin Your Finances Doing These Things

(FinancialHealth.net)- Remember that moment when you were playing video games as a kid? Losing a game is always something you can go back to and try again, even after it says “Game Over”. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Life can be very unforgiving and mistakes can be costly (at times irreversible). However, is that […]

Save Money on Your Summer Garden

(FinancialHealth.net)- The birds, the bees, blooms, vegetables, and dirt are all things that run through a gardener’s veins. Getting their fingers in the soil and creating a bountiful harvest are their main goals and aspirations. Gardening can range from all DIY to hiring a team of pros to help with building and maintaining Nifty Ways […]

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill…

How Can You Save The Most Money on Groceries Each Month?
(FinancialHealth.net) – A big expense in your monthly budget is likely your grocery bill. Whether you feed a family of five or it’s just two of you, some meals can be expensive to put together. One of the best ways to slash your grocery expenses is to shop at particular stores at specific times. With […]

7 Unexpected and Costly Life Expenses

7 Unexpected and Costly Life Expenses
(FinancialHealth)- Life has a way of throwing us curve balls. Just when we think we have everything under control (especially our finances), something crops up and demands more of our money than we have. This is exactly why a lot of Americans take out costly credit cards and loans, despite being taught surviving off credit […]

Online Dating Scams Cause More Than Heartache

Warning! Internet Dating Scams Cause More Than Heartache
(FinancialHealth.net) – Scammers can ruin just about anything. They don’t care who they’re targeting, but it seems as though seniors are especially vulnerable. Apparently, mature adults can’t even date without worrying about some shyster trying to take advantage of them. In November 2019, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced five people were charged in an […]

How Online Thieves are Skimming Your Info

How Online Thieves are "Skimming" Your Info
(FinancialHealth) – Online thieves are some of the most dangerous, as they can get into your smartphone or computer and access all of the personal identifying information you have saved there. The more information they can find, the more opportunity they have to use it to their advantage. There are multiple ways online thieves are […]

Tips That Can Save On Gas

Which of These Tips Can Save On Gas?
(FinancialHealth.net) – If you cringe every time you stop at the gas pump, you aren’t alone. In fact, that may be one of the few things just about every American can agree on. No worries though, we’ve got a few “gas hacks” that can help you out. Get a Gas Price App Gas prices are […]

Making Big Profits from Summer Cleaning

(FinancialHealth.net)- Ah, spring has sprung! With your house in the state that it’s in, perhaps a little spring cleaning is long overdue. Committing to long hours of hard work without any reward can be challenging. However, there’s a solution that you’ll like. Your junk can make you big bucks over the weekend if you can […]

What Is Microfinance? Is It a Good Option for You

What Is Microfinance? Is It a Good Option for You
(FinancialHealth.net)- Microfinance is a type of financing that assists low-income or unemployed individuals with obtaining a funding source for capital. When plagued with a lack of funds, it’s almost impossible to walk into a bank and request a loan to finance a business. Make It Easier To Get The Funding You Need Microfinancing takes lenders […]

The New Way to Fall With Style (and Fewer Broken Bones)

(FinancialHealth.net)- One of the greatest risks seniors face as they age is being hurt in a fall. Because joints weaken over time, a simple fall can quickly turn into a serious medical complication. Enter parkour. Training in the sport can teach seniors how to land better, minimizing the chances of injury. While touted as a […]

Almost Penniless? Become a Startup Investor

(FinancialHealth.net)- What measures success is not what you start with. What you gain is what determines your success. Startups succeed because of a group of committed professionals working hard to achieve the impossible. Their ideas are often all about inventions designed to change human society. It takes a lot more than diligence and innovation for […]

Stock Market Survival Guide: Common Mistakes New Investors Make

(FinancialHealth.net)- The stock market can be a stressful ordeal for those who don’t have experience. There are a lot of questions that new investors would need to ask themselves to make a wise investment. Would mutual funds be better than shares? Are there certain markets that are safe to put money in? Can there be […]

Signs of Opioid Addiction in an Older Adult

Signs of Opioid Addiction in an Older Adult
(FinancialHealth.net)- An estimated 21 to 29% of adults with a prescription for opioids aren’t using them as prescribed. Addiction to opioids is a high risk, too, with as many as 12% of adults taking these habit-forming medications developing dependence issues. According to The Center on Addiction, a recent increase in these substance abuse cases was […]

Top 5 Inexpensive Hobbies for Your Free Time

(FinancialHealth.net)-  Whether you’ve recently retired or just looking for inexpensive hobbies in your free time, there are plenty of things to do and people to see. However, filling in those empty moments with an interesting hobby can be beneficial to your mental health. Some can get pricey, but here are some hobbies that you can […]

How to Know if Home Health or Assisted Living is The Best Choice

Home Health Care or Assisted Living?
(FinancialHealth.net)- Smart Quiz: What Is the Main Advantage of Home Health Care Over Assisted Living? Independence Individualized Care Convenience Total Costs Answer: Independence If you or your loved one struggles with basic self-care throughout the day, it’s important to find help. With everything from personal hygiene to remembering when to take medications, one thing’s certain, […]

Can Bailing Out Your Child Do More Harm Than Good?

(FinancialHealth.net)- Student loans, credit cards, and mortgages; it’s no wonder that millions of Americans find themselves buried in debt at a young age. The problem with debt is that once you’ve dug a hole, it’s often difficult to climb out of it, especially when you factor in interest charges that exceed your minimum payments each […]

Can CBD Keep Your Mood Level and Your Finances High?

(FinancialHealth.net)- Smart Quiz! Which of These Can Level Your Mood While Legally Enhancing Your Bank Account? CBD Nicotine Alcohol Coffee Answer: CBD Anxiety is a common enemy, and we’d all like to level out our mood when we’re feeling particularly high-strung. People all across the United States suffer daily from medical conditions such as post-traumatic […]

Should You Focus on Paying off Your Mortgage or Build up Your Retirement Account?

(FinancialHealth.net)- Looking ahead to retirement, being debt-free, and having enough money saved up are priorities for many. However, accomplishing that combined goal isn’t always clear-cut. One big question working adults face is determining if it is better to focus on paying off the mortgage or contributing as much as possible to a 401k or other […]

Tips to Graduate College Debt-Free

(FinancialHealth.net)- So you thought you had everything figured out. Your report card is spotless, your recommendation letters couldn’t have been better, and your valedictorian speech is all set. But when the college acceptance letter arrives in the mail, you can’t celebrate. All the financial pains that you’ll have to go through as a college student […]

Being More Organized About Bill-Paying

(FinancialHealth.net)- It isn’t easy to look forward to paying the bills. Having different companies taking your hard-earned money from you is not a pleasant experience. But you can’t just let the bills pile up. With one bill after another coming, you’ll get into deeper trouble. Not only will you have to deal with late fees […]

Healthy, Affordable, Fast: This Easy Breakfast Has It All

(FinancialHealth.net)- If you aren’t a fan of early mornings or simply find yourself pressed for time, overnight oats may be the answer. Not only does it have AMAZING health benefits according to experts, but it’s quick and easy to make–and easy on the budget, too. Watch this short video for 5 delicious recipes for overnight […]

How the Way You Shop Impacts Your Community

(FinancialHealth)- How and where you shop is often a decision you make based on affordability and convenience. It can often be a decision you make out of habit–shopping at the places that are familiar. But shopping at small businesses in the community can have a powerful impact on the local economy. Take less than two […]

This Offer Could Pay Off Your Debt

Side Gigs for Homeowners
(FinancialHealth)- The idea that student loans could be canceled is a hot topic right now. While student loan cancelation is pure conjecture at this point, there are some states that will pay off your student debt when you purchase a home. It’s called the SmartBuy program, and many states are using it to encourage home […]

One’s Man Junk is Another Man’s Gold

(FinancialHealth.net)- Apart from thinking about taxes, people have one other thing on their mind these days and that is clutter. What are they going to do with all the clutter and junk that they have at home? You could trash all of it, but why not take advantage of it and use it as something […]

The Best and Worst States For Retirement

FBI Alert! Fraudulent Website Scams
(FinancialHealth.net)- Whether retirement is far away or close at hand, you may have thought about where you’d like to live when you retire and the type of life you’d like to enjoy in those golden years. You might be debating the benefits of beach or mountain dwelling, contrasting the pros and cons of the city […]

Don’t Want to Pay Income Tax? Move to These States

(FinancialHealth.net)- You don’t have to travel to the Caribbean to avoid taxes. For those who just can’t stand paying income tax, there are a couple of states where this civic duty is not compulsory! Take note that states that don’t charge income tax would still have to fund other essential public services, such as infrastructure […]

How to Overhaul Your Finances in ONE Day

(FinancialHealth.net)- If you check your calendar, you probably don’t see a financial health day highlighted. But maybe you should. Mental health days are great, but it can be equally important to take a day off to whip your finances into shape. If you’re thinking it will take a lot more than a day to get […]

Use THESE Psychological Tricks To Increase Your Savings

Protecting Your Nest Egg Amid Stock Sell Off
(FinancialHealth.net)- Experts say that you should save at least 20% of your gross monthly income. That’s right: 20%! That goal may feel out of reach for those living paycheck-to-paycheck or working with a fixed income. Having emergency savings can give you peace of mind. It can cover unexpected car repairs, medical expenses, and even help […]

Tax Hacks: Taxable Income from Your Side Gigs

Are you thinking of gigging it up a notch? Being self-employed may sound appealing to you and the reality is you’re not alone. Those involved in the gig economy now account for 36% of the US labor force, according to the 2018 Gallup poll. The reasons for this are obvious. The gig economy gives people […]

Get Paid to Save Electricity

(FinancialHealth.net)- You’re probably used to doing your dishes right after dinner, but don’t forget there are thousands of people who might be thinking the same thing. The problem here isn’t the activity itself. The problem is that you’re all doing it at the same time. Think about it. Thousands of people are cranking up their […]

Don’t Miss This FREE Donut Deal

(FinancialHealth.net)- If the Krispy Kreme “hot” light brings out the racecar driver in you, you’ll love this brand-new offer. The company is offering a FREE donut to anyone with a COVID-19 vaccination card. According to the offer, a vaccinated guest is anyone who has had at least one of the vaccination shots. The vaccine record […]

This 2021 Tax Credit Could Put Money In Your Wallet

Benefits of Utilizing Schedule R When Filing Taxes
(FinancialHealth.net)- There’s a new 2021 tax credit that could put money in your wallet. One of the many recent changes to come from pandemic legislation has been a brand-new 2021 child tax credit. But who qualifies for this payment and what do we need to know about it? #1 You Must File A Return You’ll […]

3 Simple, Healthy, and Budget-Friendly Meals Anyone Can Make

(FinancialHealth.net)- Are you tired of eating the same meals every week? Do you feel bored and uninspired by the same old recipes? You’re not alone! It’s easy to fall into a rut with meal planning. We plan the same meals and buy the same ingredients. While the routine can make meal planning and cooking seem […]

What We Know About a Fourth Stimulus Check

Second Stimulus: All Hope Is Not Lost
(FinancialHealth.net)- The financial impact of the pandemic, for many, has been felt deeply. It’s no wonder that news of a potential fourth stimulus check has us heading to the Internet and refreshing our feeds for more information. Times are tough, and with many receiving the third economic stimulus check, we may all be wondering: Will […]

Cell Phone Secrets: Buying a Used Cell & Making It Last

(FinancialHealth.net)- Let’s admit that the latest iPhone isn’t exactly affordable. Not everyone needs the latest and greatest technology for their phone. Ego is what drives us to get the latest that the market has to offer. When you boil things down to the basics, your needs for cell phones are about texting, calling, and basic […]

Becoming a Sneaker Entrepreneur

(FinancialHealth.net)- Sometimes when you want your savings to go way up, all you have to do is look down. Way down. The answer is right at your feet. Sneakers are what can get you this year’s six figures. You’re going to become a sneaker entrepreneur and all you have to do is resell lightly used […]

BillGuard Could Protect You From Costly Billing Errors

BillGuard Could Protect You From Costly Billing Errors
(FinancialHealth.net) – Do you scan every bill you receive each month for fraudulent charges, hidden fees, and mistakes? If you’re like most people, you don’t have the time or patience to meticulously examine each bill you receive. Unfortunately, if you don’t review your bill thoroughly, it could be costing you money. Enter BillGuard: the app […]

Boost Your Retirement Income with These 5 Tricks

Boost Your Retirement Income with These 5 Tricks
(FinancialHealth)- It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. As a matter of fact, the sooner you start saving and looking for creative ways to boost your retirement savings plans, the more comfortable you’ll be when it’s time to kick back and enjoy the golden years. Jobs with Pensions Jobs with pensions are few […]

What Is Micro-Investing and Is It the Next BIG Thing?

(FinancialHealth)- Micro-Investing Lets You Start Small and Build For the Future Many people want to invest, but a significant number just don’t believe they can afford the initial capital required. If this sounds like you, one solution may be micro-investing. In this post, you’ll learn the basics of micro-investing and what you need to know to […]

Top Four Cities to Buy Rental Properties for 2021

(FinancialHealth)- The rental market is a complex machine. It takes someone who knows it well and has the necessary experience to turn out on top. There are three factors that you need to consider before investing any money in buying up rental properties, which are: job growth, population growth, and affordability. Putting these three factors […]

Diving into the World of Auto Loans

(FinancialHealth)- Credit is a real pain, isn’t it? It prevents you from getting all the things you dream of getting, like a roof over your head or the car of your dreams. Generous auto loans are hard to come by these days, especially with lenders not willing to take too many risks given the economy […]

Do These Things to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Do These Things to Avoid Caregiver Burnout
(FinancialHealth.net)- Simplify Your Life and Take Care of You, Too Being a caregiver for a loved one is a selfless job. It requires time and stamina to take care of others, but the rewards are plenty. The only thing probably getting lost along the way is “self” time and being able to complete one’s own daily […]

Principles of Becoming a Full-Time Gigster

(FinancialHealth)- Are you ready to break the barriers of office walls to become a gigster? With the growing prominence of better interactive technology, the gig economy is expanding like never before. Many people are quitting their jobs in favor of relying on the income that they get from all their freelance opportunities and side gigs. […]

Which Home Delivered Meal Kits are Most Popular?

(FinancialHealth.com)- With so many events and activities consuming modern families these days, sometimes it’s a challenge to get everyone around the table for a home-cooked meal. Grabbing fast food isn’t healthy and grocery shopping can be time-consuming. An alternative to check out is a home-delivered meal kit service. There are a few to choose from, […]

Simplifying Your Life

Simplifying Your Life
(FinancialHealth.net)- Do you ever feel like you are constantly on the go, but never get anything done? This is what happens when we have too much on our plates. It’s time to slow down and evaluate what’s really going on so that you can make the most of your most valuable commodity… your time. Learn […]

Are Affiliate Marketing Programs Really Worthwhile?

Are Affiliate Marketing Programs Really Worthwhile?
(FinancialHealth.net)- Everyday we hear stories about individuals who have made it big using online business models. Many are earning the majority of their income from affiliate marketing programs; but are they really worthwhile for the average internet user? What Are Affiliate Networks? Affiliate networks are third-party services that act as intermediaries between salespeople (internet marketers) […]

3 Worst Ways to Make Money From Home

The 3 Worst Ways to Make Money From Home
(FinancialHealth.net) – Struggling to make ends meet with one job? Like many Americans, you may have discovered that the days of working a single job for your entire life seem to have come and gone. In today’s gig-based economy, many people work a never-ending roulette of jobs throughout their lives, bouncing from company to company […]

Top 5 Financial Threats Facing Seniors

Top Five Financial Threats Facing Seniors
(FinancialHealth.net) – Seniors are more likely to experience threats to their finances, as more people target them thinking they will be naive to what is happening. Phone call scams and Internet hacks are especially important for older adults to look out for. But, there are five top financial threats facing seniors regularly. 1. Phone Scams […]

Venture Capital and Its Latest Trends During 2021

(FinancialHealth.net)- For the year 2021, venture capitalists are offering support to startups that have true potential. During the pandemic, venture capitalists have still been buzzing with activity. They are determined to be the driving force for new innovative business projects. Here are a couple of trends that you should be looking into if you are […]

The Different Phases of Planning Your Retirement

(FinancialHealth.net)- Imagine growing old and still not having enough money to survive because you didn’t start saving early on. There are a variety of factors that could put you in a situation like this. Perhaps the task of saving for retirement could be intimidating to you. But nothing can make a person more vulnerable to […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Finances

Spring Cleaning for Your Finances
(FinancialHealth.net)- Disorganized finances could be costing you money. Whether it’s a messy system for keeping track of bill due dates or unawareness of how each paycheck is being spent, tidying up the budget is essential to staying on track. Freshen Up Your Money Management This is why spring cleaning isn’t just for the baseboards and […]

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