Preparing to Apply for Affordable Housing

Americans like to spend on a great many things, but one of things they love spending on the most is real estate. If you don’t believe it, the statistics say it all with experts indicating that 30% of their earnings are spent on housing. According to the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

The Lifeline Program: Making Communication More Affordable

Being a well-known federal government initiative that helps many low-income communities across America, the Lifeline program seeks to make wireless and landline telephone communication affordable to those qualify for the program. The benefits of the program also extend to voice-broadband bundled services and broadband internet. Eligibility Those who would be interested and sincerely need the […]

Paycheck Advance Apps Will Amaze You

Are you having trouble keeping your head above water with all of those bills? Well, if you think now things are tough, things won’t look so good for the future either, as studies from the National Financial Well-Being Survey have shown that 40% of American adults are going to have major financial problems. It’s a […]

Cut Down On Your Electric Bill

Aren’t electric bills a headache? They certainly wouldn’t be for low-income communities if they were not as expensive as they are today. Energy though a necessity has become a monetary inconvenience with the spiking costs of utilities going through the roof. Fortunately, the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) can give you the assistance you need so […]

Democrats To Model US Policy After California

(FinancialHealth) – The country has watched for years as California has led the country in far-left policies and administrative shifts. In just one year, the state lost more than 135,000 residents, each moving to more conservative states. Big companies like Tesla and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have also left the state, each looking for states that […]

How Does Down Payment Assistance Sound?

With the ongoing pandemic, a little financial assistance wouldn’t hurt, especially if you are tight on money and the economy is tanking. This is the reality that you and millions of Americans are living in, and in a situation like this, it is really adaptation that is the key to getting through the entire crisis […]

Former Michigan Governor Faces Charges for Flint Water Disaster

(FinancialHealth) – While the water crisis in Flint, Michigan was a huge story when it broke in 2014 – one element of the story has been hanging in the balance. Who would answer for the decision to start drawing water from the Flint River in order to save money? On Thursday, January 14th, prosecutors announced […]

Biden Releases Massive COVID Spending Plan

On Thursday, January 15, Joe Biden announced another round of COVID aid. Without much resistance from Republicans due to new Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, it’s more likely big government spending is on the way. Over the last several decades, Americans became accustomed to big government, and it doesn’t appear to be abating […]

Amazon Prime Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know You Had

(FinancialHealth) – Amazon Prime is a favorite among online shoppers. The service is quick (quicker than ever before, really), convenient, and a great source for discounts and deals. While all Amazon shoppers have access to thousands of products, Amazon Prime members have a list of great perks. More than most realize. Extra reading perks, wardrobe […]

Survival Tips for a Part-Timer’s Gig Economy

Survival Tips for a Part-Timer's Gig Economy

(FinancialHealth) – Trying to make a living in the gig economy isn’t easy. Jobs can come and go in seconds, leaving you scrambling to pay bills. Unlike previous generations, today’s workers no longer have the luxury of working one job for their entire lives; instead, they must plan for an uncertain, tumultuous future. Surviving in […]

Billionaire Investor Sheldon Adelson Dead at 87

(FinancialHealth) – Sheldon Gary Adelson passed away on January 11, 2021 at the age of 87. While well known as a successful casino owner, businessman and investor, Adelson was also a key political donor and friend to President Trump. Adelson is well-known in the Las Vegas community as the investor who purchased the Sands Hotel […]

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Renting

If you thought finding a rental property and maintaining was going to be easy, think again. Rent is one of the most complex things in life that you will want to master; that is, if you always want a roof over your head. It’s known that it can be difficult especially during COVID season, but […]

It’s Official – Elon Musk Is the Richest Person in the World

Whenever a story like this breaks, there’s always a certain cohort who uses it as an illustration of the perceived excesses of capitalism and the unfairness of modern life. How, they ask, can Elon Musk be allowed to amass billions and billions of dollars while so many can barely afford to feed themselves? Of course, […]

Why Is Cancel Culture Hitting Trump and His Supporters So Hard?

For decades, the cancel culture intimidated and bullied people. Nearly twenty years ago, Merry Christmas became taboo. Stores were threatened with protests by leftist groups if they didn’t stop using the term. Up until 2016, many politicians trembled in its wake. Then Donald Trump came along and violated all the principles of political correctness that […]

Where’s My Next Stimulus Check?

You Can Save Money When...

(FinancialHealth) – Millions of Americans started seeing their second Economic Impact Payments deposited in their bank accounts as early as January 4th – some even sooner. Unfortunately, many others are scrambling to figure out why they haven’t received their payments or – worse – why the IRS website shows they were deposited into accounts that […]

Supplemental Security Income Demystified

When you’re not able to work and make ends meet, there’s no need to worry because there is a safety net for you to fall on.  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal financial support program that gives sustenance to those who are not able to keep a job due to a medical condition. It […]

Bitcoin Prices Soar Above $30,000

Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency, first became a household name after its massive surge in 2017. During that period, which was also a time of significant growth for smaller cryptos like Ripple and Ethereum, Bitcoin was valued at a high of almost $20,000. However, it would go on to fall to below $4,000 before the end […]

Worry No More About Your Utilities Bill

Sometimes the scariest thing you’ll have to face in the world is your electric bill. And it’s no joke. Unless you decide to divorce modern life, it is up to you to bear the brunt of paying utilities every single month. But there’s good news for those who are low-income. You can apply to the […]

Proposed Tax Plan Could Prove Nightmare To Workers

The US economy is steadily recovering from the COVID-19 shutdowns. Experts are even predicting 2021 will see a full recovery. That is unless Joe Biden becomes president and implements his terrible tax plan. It seems Biden’s intention is to get rid of President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts. Could the timing be any worse, as […]

The TANF Remedy for Needy Families

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is a program that has been working for years to assist needy Americans with their financial troubles. As a national program that has a variety of different activities, TANF provides job support, relief, and even up to five years of financial assistance, which they get from state funds. Types […]

The First Step To Getting Affordable Housing

With the economy struggling due to COVID-19 and Americans still waiting for those long overdue second stimulus checks, affordable housing has become essential for an even larger segment of the population, as more people slip into the category of those who are struggling financially. If you’re in that situation, a comforting thought is that you […]

Almost Broke But Need Affordable Housing?

With the number of COVID-19 victims on the rise and in a tumultuous atmosphere of economic instability, housing, though being a universal human right, has become a privilege exclusive to those who can afford it. But there are those who strive to open the doors for communities who are struggling to find homes that are […]

How Temporary Transitional Housing Could Help You

In this chaotic environment with COVID-19 on a rampage throughout US cities and destroying American business, you could be one of two things, jobless and penniless, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to be homeless and hopeless. Why? Because there is an initiative that is working to give temporary housing to all of […]

Is Accepting Payments From PayPal Costing You Too Much?

Is Accepting Payments From Paypal Costing You Too Much

Using PayPal to accept payment from customers and clients can cost you quite a bit of money if you aren’t careful. The good news is, in most cases, the fees that PayPal charges can be written off on your taxes as a business expense. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore them throughout the […]

$600 or $2,000 – How Much Will The Stimulus Check Be?

4 COVID-19 Money Tips

(FinancialHealth) – While the House of Representatives passed a bill Monday evening to increase Economic Impact Payments from $600 to $2,000, the bill as written stalled in the Senate. This does not mean a delay in the next round of deposits and checks being issued, but it does confirm the payments will be issued at […]

President Trump Signs Stimulus Bill – So When Will You Get A Check?

(FinancialHealth) – On Sunday Evening, December 27th, President Donald Trump signed the most recent $900 billion economic relief bill. Topping $900 billion, the bill includes $600 stimulus checks per qualifying citizen. The Treasury Department hopes to begin depositing funds into people’s accounts by the end of this week. President Trump has been pushing the House […]

4 Predictions For the 2021 Housing Market

In March of this year, COVID-19 hit hard. Nearly every aspect of American’s lives were turned upside down. The housing market was no different. Some people lost their homes as layoffs began, while others took the opportunity to purchase a home while interest rates were incredibly low. But, what will the coming year hold for […]

Make Your Charitable Donation Count

Make Your Charitable Donation Count

( – Do you have a favorite charity you would like to give to? It can be rewarding to help a specific cause and it can also give you a bit of a tax write-off too. One problem is that you can’t always be sure where your money is going. Scammers run elaborate schemes to […]

Trump Administration Turns Back Obama Era Regulation

Former President Barack Obama tried to regulate just about every aspect of American life to the detriment of our freedom of choice and the strength of our economy. But, President Donald Trump has just rolled back even more burdensome regulations, securing higher-quality showers and faster washer and dryer times for Americans. These new changes were […]

All the Housing Assistance That’s Out There

Hope is not lost when there are so many housing assistance options out there. But unfortunately, some people may feel daunted by the task of applying for any type of federal assistance program, and with the bureaucracy that the federal government is notorious for, they should be. Nonetheless, we will show you how you can […]

A Great Way to Give to Your Favorite Charity

( –  Charities around the world, whether focused on people or animals, all rely on contributions from donors to keep their operations running. Gifts of cash, property and other assets are commonly donated, but what if there was a better way to get more bang for your buck? Enter donor-advised funds. Donor-advised funds aren’t necessarily […]

Housing Vouchers for Dream Homes

Ever want to live in an affordable home in an area which has a low crime rate, is safe, and is a profitable investment in the long run? It’s now been made possible through a variety of different programs that are designed to help those struggling with their finances get the house of their dreams. […]

Three of the Most Attractive Affordable Housing Options

COVID-19 may make people think that they are going to be forced on to the streets, but fear not, as there are many options for you to choose from if you are in a financially tight situation. Housing As a Social Service Social welfare is endless in providing to those who are in need and […]

You Can’t Get Section 8 Assistance Without These 4 Things

As an initiative taken up by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department, the Section 8 Assistance program seeks to give housing choice vouchers to those who are eligible based on the following requirements: citizenship, eviction history, income level, and family status. We are going to show you criteria applicants are assessed based so that […]

Fraud Alert: Hackers Sending Fake Shipping Forms

(FinancialHealth) – As if things aren’t stressful enough, consumers now have a new holiday scam to watch out for. Shipping delays are very common right now, so scammers are taking advantage of that fact by sending fake shipping notifications to consumers. How does it work? Hackers send messages that are spoofed to look like they […]

4 Step Process to Get a HUD House

There’s a common misconception that everything that is subsidized or government-assisted is just plain hard to get is a myth and we are going to bust that myth today. We are going to show you a simple four-step process that will help you get the HUD house of your dreams: Search for a HUD Residence […]

The Scandal Unfolds: Hunter Biden Was Due Pay From China

Controversy continues to swell around Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, regarding his foreign business deals. He’s been named in potentially criminal conduct in Ukraine-based Burisma Holdings. He’s also implicated in possible misconduct with Chinese energy companies, private equity funds, and asset management companies. Most recently, newly-exposed emails allegedly sent by Hunter […]

The Best Free Business Checking Accounts

Sick of having those annoying traditional banks which charge you maintenance fees, have a minimum balance rule, and never cater to your individual banking needs? You’re going to love this! Businesses have been offered free checking accounts from banks. The services that are available at these banks are truly amazing and this is something you […]

What is the Most Effective Way of Saving Money While Holiday Shopping?

What is the Most Effective Way of Saving Money While Holiday Shopping?

( Smart Quiz: What is the Most Effective Way of Saving Money While Holiday Shopping? Create A Shopping List Use Cash Only Avoid Gift Wrapping Avoid Self-Shopping Answer: Create A Shopping List Preparing for the holidays can be intimidating and exhausting or it can be peaceful and meaningful. Knowing you will avoid the regret of […]

Top GOP Officials Demand CA Return Federal Money Being Used In Pro-Biden Scheme

In September, Republican members on the House Oversight Committee started looking into a massive contract California awarded to a public relations firm, SKD Knickerbocker (SKDK), that did work for Joe Biden’s campaign. The GOP said they had questions about how the state awarded the contract. The lawmakers conducting the probe made a shocking demand recently. […]

What Should You Use to Avoid Overspending on Gifts This Year?

What Should You Use to Avoid Overspending on Gifts This Year?

Smart Quiz: What Should You Use to Avoid Overspending on Gifts This Year? Holiday Budget Cash Only Secure Credit Card Store Credit Card Answer: Holiday Budget Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now that last-minute crunch to finish shopping. You’ve got a list of gifts to buy a mile long. While it’s “beginning to look a […]

McEnany Shreds Pelosi for Holding Up Stimulus Relief

Americans celebrated this week’s rollout of the first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. The US Food and Drug Administration approved an Emergency Use Authorization for it on Friday, December 11. However, Democrats and Republicans keep arguing over their competing ideas for a COVID-19 relief package. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tore into House […]

How To Make a Dollar Tree Christmas Dinner

(FinancialHealth) – Working with a limited budget this holiday season? Want to make something special for your family for Christmas Eve or Christmas day dinner while keeping things on the inexpensive side? Check out this video by Meals with Maria. She makes a complete diner for about $20. It’s a complete feast and it’s absolutely […]

5 Attractive Business Grants to Help Women

America’s private sector is an amazing arena to give women opportunities to prove themselves as successful entrepreneurs and to work to fight for women’s rights, but there comes a time when some organizations need an extra financial push. We’ve put together a list of five attractive financial grants which aim to support women as business […]

DIY Christmas Gifts Your Family Will Love

What Are Likely to Be the "Best Gifts Ever" This Holiday?

(FinancialHealth) – Tis the season to show your family how much you care. Many Americans are working with particularly tight budgets this year. That doesn’t mean you can’t give your loved ones, friends, and colleagues some incredible gifts. As a matter of fact, YouTuber Designed to the Nines has 10 incredible ideas for DIY gifts […]

Financially Fatal Mistakes When Purchasing a Car

Though it’s one of the most essential means of transportation, cars in recent years have become a money guzzler for a variety of different reasons, whether its outstanding debt due to huge car loans or crazy maintenance fees. All of that will not be a problem if you don’t do the following things Having the […]

Billionaire Uses Algorithm To Manipulate Investors

(FinancialHealth) – As if Americans weren’t already struggling enough, it appears as though at least one member of the upper class has been taking advantage of investors in an elaborate hedge fund scheme. Our friends at United Voice recently reported on the story of BlueCrest Capital Management co-founder Michael Platt. The SEC is currently investigating […]

McConnell and McCarthy Support Stimulus Checks

(FinancialHealth) – While our legislators have shown they do have the ability to compromise, especially when it comes to budgets and keeping the system running, they’re definitely struggling on one key point – the next stimulus package. The good news is both Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have said they would support a White House […]

Who Is Responsible For Holding Up The Stimulus?

(FinancialHealth) – Americans all over the country have been waiting anxiously for Congress to come to some sort of agreement about the next stimulus. Meanwhile, restaurant and are speaking up, labeling the collective group of legislators as “irresponsible.” While all businesses, especially small, have been hit hard by COVID, but restaurants and bars seem to […]

Ouch! He Actually LEFT The State

(FinancialHealth) – Tech genius Elon Musk stunned the world by moving not one, but two positions on list of top billionaires. Now shadowed only by Jeff Bezos, he continues to make impressive strides with both SpaceX and Tesla. Despite his successes, he and the state of California have had several major disputes throughout 2020. The […]

Mark Cuban Predicts Post-Pandemic “America 2.0”

(FinancialHealth) – Some Americans are waiting anxiously for a new stimulus package, while others are watching carefully as the FDA reviews emergency use authorization applications for COVID-19 vaccinations. No matter what happens, a big question remains – what is the future of American business? Entrepreneur Marc Cuban predicts post-pandemic America will be a lot different. […]

How To Make Money Off of Your Hobbies

While people are out of a job during the coronavirus pandemic, many people are turning to alternative ways of making money and that includes turning your hobby into something that can one day help pay the bills. Though many may mistakenly think of this idealistic, experts testify that trying this can save you from being […]

Pandemic Relief Set For Release as Congress Seeks Deal (REPORT)

Democrats and Republicans continue wrangling over a coronavirus relief package. Negotiators on both sides of the aisle hope to resolve critical differences concerning funding for local governments and liability protections for business entities this week. Lawmakers plan to attach the package to an omnibus bill necessary to provide government funds into 2021. However, time is […]

Having Trouble Paying Your Rent?

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic thrusts the economy into a nosedive, many have found it increasingly difficult to punctually pay the rent. Relief is available for those who are struggling and we show you how you can access it. Here are a couple of ideas for you to survive the ongoing crisis: Assess Your Budget […]

Is Economic Espionage Putting Your Household at Risk?

(FinancialHealth) – On December 3, 2020, National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal detailing what he feels is one of the greatest threats to American households – economic espionage. Economic espionage is the frightening practice of foreign powers using sponsored or intelligence-based activities to influence policy decisions. They […]

Walmart Offers New Benefits Amid Pandemic

(FinancialHealth) – While millions of Americans have been working remotely or even furloughed, many others have been forced to work retail despite fear of exposure to COVID-19. Many large corporations are looking for ways to show their appreciation for their dedication to their jobs. Our friends at Conservative Insider uncovered an incredible story about Walmart […]

Whoa! Save This Holiday at ALDI

(FinancialHealth) – ALDI is known for it’s wide variety of cost-effective grocery products. Now that the holiday season is in full swing, though, you may be surprised by just how much more the store has to offer – especially if, like so many of us, you’re on a tight budget this year. Youtube’s Bargain Beauty […]

Massive Unemployment Fraud Uncovered

(FinancialHealth) – While millions of Americans are wondering if a new stimulus bill will pass before the benefits of the CARES Act run out, taxpayers in California are wondering what they were really funding to start with. Why? State prison unemployment fraud. While hard-working Americans are waiting on funds to survive, hundreds of millions of […]

Finding A Rental Property Like A Boss

This may sound difficult, but finding the right rental property for you isn’t exactly as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Though your odds for everything to be perfect are relatively low, we can show you to find a property that is ideal and works well with your lifestyle. Directories for finding rental […]

$908B Stimulus Gains Support, Momentum

(FinancialHealth) – All eyes are on the clock as Congress resumes negotiations on another stimulus package. It seemed like all hope was lost for a deal before the end of 2020, until a $908B package was introduced by a bipartisan group of senators on Monday. As of Thursday, December 3, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer […]

Stop Spending Almost $1000 On Your Car

Sources have reported that Americans can spend up to 800 dollars per month on their cars for a number of reasons, from wear and tear on the car to paying installments on demanding loans. We will show you how you can save money without losing your mind. Seek Better Financing Options: If you are having […]

New Stimulus Proposal From Bipartisan Senate

(FinancialHealth) – On December 1, a bipartisan group of senators presented a new stimulus proposal in the hopes of pushing something towards approval by the end of the year. The package, valued around $900 billion, is less than half the $2.2 trillion package the House has been pushing for, while at the same time almost […]

Biden Announces Economic “Dream Team”

(FinancialHealth) – Over the past few days, potential president-elect Joe Biden has announced his picks for what he hopes will become his economic team. The picks come with quite a bit of controversy and it appears members of both the Left and the Right are less than thrilled. Why? Biden promised to be a progressive […]

Discharging Student Loans In Bankruptcy

(FinancialHealth) – Student loan debt has been a topic of controversy for quite some time. In 2019, debt levels reached a whopping $30k average – the highest in a decade. The Federal Reserve estimates more than $1.6 trillion of the national debt is from student loans alone. Despite so many students falling behind on this […]

Gates Loses Position – Is Bezos Next?

(FinancialHealth) – Elon Musk has done it again. Just last week he pushed past Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, taking his position as the third richest person in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. But now, just barely a week later, he’s made another huge jump, surpassing Bill Gates and taking his position in 2nd […]

Dems Under Pressure To Pass Smaller Stimulus

(FinancialHealth) – Democrats and Republicans have been locked in negotiations over the next COVID stimulus package since the first one went through. Now, as COVID case numbers soar and unemployment numbers rise with them, the pressure is on to pass a bill to provide much needed assistance to Americans. So what’s the problem? The Democrats […]

Creating A Dollar Tree Holiday Meal (Yes, You Can!)

(FinancialHealth) – Preparing a holiday meal (any holiday meal) can be pretty costly. As a matter of fact, the Farm Bureau estimates the average feast for 10 costs about $50, while Lending Tree estimated the average for food alone to be around $230. A lot of families are struggling right now, making it tough to […]

Dow Makes History, Dems Quiet

(FinancialHealth) – Tuesday, November 24th was a historic day for the Dow, as the market topped 30,000 for the first time in history. Financial experts credit the prospect of a COVID vaccine allowing the economy to reopen sooner rather than later, as well as the strengthening housing market, to the unprecedented gains. Stocks directly impacted […]

State Department Halts Funding

(FinancialHealth) – We may not have a new stimulus package, and the election results may be up in the air, but our administration is still hard at work. According to our friends at RightWing, secretary of state Mike Pompeo made an announcement about future funding rules. The State Department has moved to ban the funding […]

How To Protect Your Card Numbers While Shopping

The Best and Worst Credit Cards to Carry

(FinancialHealth) – Online shopping has been growing in popularity, but this holiday season the practice will be commonplace. Thanks to COVID restrictions, a lot of people will be turning to a wide variety of online shops to fill in the gaps, using their credit and debit cards to pay for their purchases. While credit and […]

Mark Zuckerberg Replaced As Third Richest Person

(FinancialHealth) – Mark Zuckerberg has enjoyed the third position on the Bloom Billionaires Index for quite some time now, boasting a net worth of over $106 billion. This week, however, Tesla saw a huge increase in share value, bumping Elon Musk’s personal wealth by $15 billion. The bump pushed Musk to approximately $117 billion, which […]

Expanding Your Wealth After College

That college graduation that you enjoyed so much may be a happy moment but it also marks the beginning of a lifelong struggle to make ends meet. As an anointed graduate ready to enter the competitive workforce, you are only at the starting line of a challenging race towards financial success. Nothing can prepare you […]

Feeding A Family For $10 A Week

(FinancialHealth) – Grocery prices are on the rise. Rising food costs and the instability of employment have left a lot of Americans wondering how they’re going to put their next meal on the table. While there are a lot of assistance programs, food banks, and pantries in local municipalities, some shoppers have taken extreme measures […]

Building Yourself Back Up from Bankruptcy

It’s that moment when you’ve hit rock bottom and you feel things are at its worst that one realizes that the wisest people have always turned their problems into opportunities. At a time when the economic wheel has been slowed down by the coronavirus, bankruptcy is an unpleasant awakening that many Americans have had to […]

How To Get FREE Food This Thanksgiving

( – Giving back seems to be the name of the game this holiday season – not just in words, but in action. A lot of big businesses are acutely aware of how difficult 2020 has been for the community at large, and many are looking for ways to ease some of the burden while […]

What to do Before Buying a Home

Many Americans dream of buying a home for themselves. However, this is a very big goal that can get managed incorrectly. There are strategies that you can follow which can help prepare you to become ready to be a homeowner! Make Sure to Have an Emergency Cushion Owning a home is expensive, normally what a […]

Tips for Handling Unemployment

Millions of Americans filed for unemployment during coronavirus season, which means you are not alone in your struggle. Unemployment brings a whole list of problems, however, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out your finances. Luckily, there are ways you can handle your budget to make unemployment more manageable until you find your next […]

Understanding COVID Home Foreclosure Season

COVID has brought a lot of stress to Americans in numerous ways. However, one of the major concerns that Americans face is handling foreclosures due to COVID. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to give yourself a better chance at protecting your home from foreclosure: Communication with Your Lender is Key The best […]

Trump’s Lawyers Demand Voting Software Probe

( – Trump supporters were left stunned yet pleasantly surprised by a Fox news interview on Sunday, November 15th. During the interview, lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell uncovered ties between the Dominion voting system used in the US elections and elections that were believed to have been stolen in other countries. Trump supporters have […]

How an IDA can Help

Many people are not aware that an Individual Development Account (IDA) can be used to improve your life whether that be going back to school, tripling your savings on a down payment on a home loan, or even starting your own business! This account is dependent on community resources and government grants that provide the […]

Tips to Better Handle Your Budget

It can be hard enough already to make a budget, let alone keep up with it. Many people feel overwhelmed with their finances and find it hard to maintain their goals. Luckily, there are tips that you can follow that may be able to make budgeting easier to handle. Tip #1: Make a Realistic Budget […]

Online Tool to Help You Find Resources

It can be difficult navigating the world of assistance options, especially when you are dealing with additional stress from your current situation. That is when online tools like BenefitsCheckUp, can help make finding resources more manageable. BenefitsCheckUp is a tool provided by the National Council on Aging to provide seniors with accessible resource options in […]

URGENT: Still Waiting On A Stimulus Check?

( – Article Update: 11/16/20: According to the IRS, the deadline for non-filers to file for their economic impact payment is now November 21, 2020.  Originally published 9/15/20: Believe it or not, the IRS is reporting they have yet to mail round-one stimulus checks to a staggering 9 million people. Why? That’s how many people […]

Understanding How HARP can Reduce Your Mortgage by up to Thousands

What is HARP? HARP stands for the Home Affordable Refinance Program. This program is available to a variety of qualifying individuals, however, can be extra helpful for seniors with limited equity and limited income. Understanding HARP This program allows you to refinance your mortgage for either a lower interest rate or a lower monthly payment. […]

Officials Butt Heads Over Next Stimulus

(FinancialHealth) – Americans have been waiting anxiously for an update on the next economic stimulus package. The March 2020 CARES Act brought some relief, but much of that ran out or expired as early as July. The pandemic rages on and the public is looking towards Congress for another round of relief. Senate Majority Mitch […]

Amazon Files Lawsuits Against Influencers

( – Amazon is known for its wide variety of products, quick shipping, and Prime benefits. What they don’t want to be known for is selling counterfeit goods. Amazon recently filed lawsuits against a couple of popular online influencers. The influencers are accused of using a dozen third-party sellers to sell counterfeit goods via the […]

BLM Accused Of Funneling Money To Biden

( – The subject of money and how it’s used in politics has been pretty hot lately. That’s why we weren’t too surprised to find out Candace Owens, one of President Trump’s supporters, is now loudly questioning how donations made to the Black Live Matter Movement were used. Our friends at United Voice took a […]

Aldi Store Near You? Check Out These 10 Secrets

( – Love shopping at ALDI? It certainly has a bit of a cult following. While the store is known for its incredibly competitive prices, there are some savvy shoppers out there sharing their tips for getting the best bang for your buck. The Deal Guy, a YouTube favorite, has a few secrets to share. […]

Secret 3 State Assistance Tips

Due to the increased number of unemployment rates that America has faced, the United Stated rolled out new systems for applicants trying to get unemployment benefits. However, a lot of people were confused as to whether or not they even qualify for assistance. Luckily, there are some tips available that can help you navigate unemployment […]

Tips for Homeowners That Want Extra Cash

Even if you have a plan for your finances, unexpected events can still ruin all of your plans. Sometimes you may even consistently need extra money every month due to your current situation. Luckily, that is when reverse mortgages become a great option for you to consider. These can provide additional money every month, improve […]

Bloomberg Loses $100 MILLION In Florida

( – If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that money can’t buy you love… or… uh…. votes, for that matter. While big donations are no surprise during the elections, it isn’t generally normal to see one person throw a cash infusion at a particular state – especially outside of his own geographic area. President […]

Best Loans for Credit Repair

When you have bad credit, it can be hard to find a loan that works well for your situation. However, loans are an important tool when it comes to building your credit score. Luckily, there are options available for people to build their credit even if they have a bad credit score. Car Loans A […]

Round Two of PPP Loans

Unfortunately, small businesses were unable to secure the second round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. The plan was for them to roll out on April 27th, 2020. However, that was not the case due to technical errors. The system that the Small Business Administration (SBA) uses for banks, called the E-TRAN system, was struggling […]

HUD’s Plan on Obama Rule

In 2015, the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) program used an assessment tool to map racial segregation. However, this made it extremely difficult for applicants to get the housing assistance they need. So much so that 63% of cities had their housing plans either completely rejected or only accepted with numerous updates. This caused a […]

Affordable Cities in America

Many people don’t realize that the cost of living is rising in America. In fact, for the entire United States, the average cost of housing is 2% higher than before. Countless Americans feel the increased cost of living, but those on fixed incomes, like retirees can feel it even more. If you have a fixed […]

Read This before Hiring Financial Advisor

Many people may feel overwhelmed when it comes to dealing with their finances. That is when people typically turn to hiring a financial advisor. A financial advisor can help you reach specific financial goals. For example, if you want to prepare to buy your first home, or prepare for retirement. These financial goals can be […]

Should You Pay for Financial Advice?

People often struggle to properly deal with their finances. They can get overwhelmed and don’t know how to make the right decisions. Luckily, there are people available that can help provide you with financial advice. It is important to know why you would need to pay for financial advice in order to see if it […]

Election Worker Calls Out Voting Irregularities

( – It’s been a full week since the November 3rd elections and American’s are still not sure exactly who will be confirmed as the next president. Over the past several days, several people have come forward with stories about questionable behavior at polling places. Fox News claims to have a copy of an affidavit from […]

Travel Mugs Recalled for Injury and Burn Hazard

( – Grabbing a hot cup of coffee or tea to take on the go is an incredibly popular morning habit. Unfortunately, those using this particular travel mug may be putting themselves at risk. The Rambler® 20 oz Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid has been declared potentially hazardous. The magnet slider responsible for keeping the […]

Soros and Zuckerberg Spent Millions Influencing Elections

( – The fact Americans like to spend money on politics is no real secret. The lengths people will go to, or what they’re willing to spend in order to influence an election, is an entirely different story. Billionaire businessman George Soros has long been a well-known supporter of the Democratic party, regularly reported as dumping […]

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