Bombshell Testimony: Top Scientists At Vaccine Hearing Reveal Injections Killing More People Than Saving

(Liberty Bell) – There is no question about it, the vaccines are dangerous. While tens of millions of Americans have been duped into getting the jabs, tens of millions more are skeptical, to say the least. It would appear their skepticism is justified. Several doctors from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave startling testimony […]

Vaccine Policy Chief: “Unvaccinated People Are Not Dangerous; Vaccinated People Are Dangerous — Should Be Quarantined” (Video)

(Liberty Bell) – During this global “pandemic” the world needs to hear from experts like Christian Perronne. Professor Perronne, according to the UK Column, has been one of France’s most highly respected experts in the area of infectious diseases for decades as well as one of the country’s top vaccine policy chiefs. Perronne is the […]

MUST-SEE: “F**k Joe Biden” Chants Breakout Across America

(Liberty Bell) – Apparently, Saturdays are for chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” Despite the fact that the lying mainstream media has insisted for five years that President Trump was hated by Americans and was incredibly unpopular, we don’t remember a time when stadiums full of college students all over the country chanted “F*** Donald Trump!” Yet, […]

BOMBSHELL: Scientists Growing mRNA Vaccine-Filled Plants To Replace COVID Injections

(Liberty Bell) – The left is really, really desperate to ensure each and every human being across the planet, not just the United States mind you, but the whole damn globe, takes their COVID vaccine. The fact that they are pushing so hard for everyone to take it should be the first sign that something […]

Final Arizona Election Audit Results To Be Released Sept. 24

(Liberty Bell) – It seems like we’ve been waiting an eternity for the final report to come out concerning the Arizona forensic audit on the results of the 2020 presidential election, but it appears we’re finally going to get some answers later this month. According to WND, the report with the final results from Maricopa […]

IT’S SPREADING: “F*ck Joe Biden” Chants Break Out Across America (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no surprise given the debacle that unfolded in Afghanistan over the past several weeks that Joe Biden would begin to get some very heavy pushback. There have been numerous polls done that demonstrate this trend with Biden’s approval rating hitting the lowest it’s been since the beginning of his term. And […]

HUGE WIN: CyberNinjas WILL Access The Maricopa County Routers As Requested

(Liberty Bell) – There’s been a huge battle going on between Maricopa County in Arizona and the state’s Senate over performing a joint audit of the county routers, splunk logs, and Dominion software, with the officials from the county doing everything in their power to try and keep anyone from having access to this critical […]

After 4.5M Views TikTok Censors Viral Testimony From Vaccine-Injured Student Athlete

(Liberty Bell) – The COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous and pose a much greater risk to those being injected than any potential benefit. How many people have to learn the hard way before people wake up and realize we’re being played? How many young people have to be injured by these injections before we stop forcing […]

SHOWDOWN: Sidney Powell Announces Her Legal Team Will Depose Dominion’s Eric Coomer

(Liberty Bell) – Attorney Sidney Powell announced during an interview that her legal team is planning to depose Dominion Voting Systems’ Eric Coomer for questioning later on today, a move that will no doubt have many on the left sweating bullets. After all, they’ve gone to such great lengths to try and hide all the […]

Emails Show Hunter Biden Tried To Charge Libya $2 Million To Recover Billions Frozen By Obama Administration

(Liberty Bell) – Hunter Biden truly is a top-tier con-man. Explosive new email revelations, unrelated to the Biden laptop scandal, have revealed that Hunter Biden attempted to extort $2 million a year out of Libya for his services in recovering nearly $15 billion in assets which had been frozen by the Obama administration. His attempt […]

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