New Push to Increase Federal Minimum Wage

Shortly before being sworn in, US President Joe Biden emphasized that as the country’s new leader he will follow-through on his promise to increase ...Read More

What’s in Biden’s 2 Trillion Dollar Economic Stimulus Package?

Starting his presidency with a renewed commitment to fight the economic fallout of COVID, one of the first items on President Joe Biden’s agenda is ...Read More

Preparing to Apply for Affordable Housing

Americans like to spend on a great many things, but one of things they love spending on the most is real estate. If you don’t believe it, the stati ...Read More

The Lifeline Program: Making Communication More Affordable

Being a well-known federal government initiative that helps many low-income communities across America, the Lifeline program seeks to make wireless ...Read More

Paycheck Advance Apps Will Amaze You

Are you having trouble keeping your head above water with all of those bills? Well, if you think now things are tough, things won’t look so good fo ...Read More

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Financial Health

Why Is Cancel Culture Hitting Trump and His Supporters So Hard?

For decades, the cancel culture intimidated and bullied people. Nearly twenty years ago, Merry Christmas became taboo. Stores were threatened with ...Read More

Where’s My Next Stimulus Check?

You Can Save Money When...

(FinancialHealth) – Millions of Americans started seeing their second Economic Impact Payments deposited in their bank accounts as early as January ...Read More

Bitcoin Prices Soar Above $30,000

Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency, first became a household name after its massive surge in 2017. During that period, which was also a time of si ...Read More

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